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About the Himalayan Passion

"Himalayan Passion" is more of a dream platform rather than a company. It is a platform which turned passion into profession, to make the nature lovers, mountaineers, trekkers dreams come true in surreal life. To help people connect with the wonderland and get lost in that astonishing divine land of the Himalayas. We are here to help people understand the adventure, to make people understand the Himalayas, a large mysterious divine world

"Quality over Quantity"
Be the part of the family

Himalayan Passion always thrives for excellency, accuracy and  proper team management. We believe in building a brotherhood and family of mountain lovers. We serve as a bridge to fulfill the gap of understanding the mountains and adventure. Trekking and Mountaineering is a vast activity which requires proper understanding of self potential and limits, and all the pros and cons of High Altitude. We hereby guide each and every participants of our events to understand the adventure and its activities. We specialize in customized small teams so that it may be easier for all the coordinators and participants to maintain the proper communication and bonding with each and everyone. 

We provide the high quality standard equipment and gears .  


Adventure & Experience

The Trek coordinators, Team managers, Trek Leaders, slope managers, technical coordinators are highly professional and have been operating in different regions of the Himalayas for the years. Not only the above mentioned staffs but also the supporting crew members of Himalayan Passion are highly experienced, and always treats the participants like a family, so that one may not feel "out of comfort zone" in the real un-comfort zone away from the luxurious city life. 

While in High Altitude, as we say "Push your limits to rise High" we always keep that in mind that motivate the participants in every way possible to push them, to reach at their best level to give their best performance in the mountains.

Safety is our First Priority

"Safety is our first priority", on every step we place on the mountains, every moment we spend, every minute we keep the safety protocols in our mind. May it be a technical protocols or a first aid protocols, we are always ready to provide every safety to the participants the best way possible. 

There are many pros and cons in a High Altitude trek, we always guide the participants and trekkers to maintain the safety.

Our Team leaders and Slope managers are certified Mountaineers, to give the participants the best safety protocol possible. 

While on the High Altitude Technical treks, the team is lead by a certified mountaineers cum Doctor, who will always be at your side the best way possible.


Team Himalayan Passion has always tried to do some innovative events, though these are not commercially organized. These events are organized the by the Leaders and Team Manager on their own, to test their self potential and to gather more experience regarding the Altitude and terrains. And sometimes to throw self into the tough situation to cope up with the challenge, so that the Technical Coordinators, Team Manager and Trek Leader can guide the participants properly and would always be ready to maintain the safety protocols. 

  • Climbing Kilimanjaro (On year 2018, Trek Leader Dr. Sourav Ray summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, the one of the highest peak in African Continent)

  • Climbing Elbrus,(On year 2019, Trek Leader Dr. Sourav Ray summitted Mt. Elbrus, Russia, one of the highest peak of the European Contionent)

  • Speed Hiking in Sandakphu (On year 2020 Trek Leader Dr. Sourav Ray, solo, covered the entire Sandakphu trail in a Single Day starting from Maneybhanjyang at 6:00 AM in the morning and reached Sandakphu, the Highest point of Darjeeling Himalayas, at 6:30PM in the month of January when the trail to Sandakphu was fully packed with snow)

  • Un Guided Winter Annapurna Circuit Trail (On year 2020, in the month of January, with extremely chilling temperature, Trek Leader Dr. Sourav Ray, completed Annapurna Circuit Trail, crossed Thorung La successfully. Team consisted of twin brothers (Duo Dr. Sudip Ray and Dr. Sourav Ray))

  • Mayali Pass and Khatling Glacier in Semi Alpine Style (On Year 2020, Trek Leaders and Technical Coordinator of Himalayan Passion organized Mayali Pass, one of the tough high altitude trek in Garhwal, Uttarakhand, in Semi Alpine style, where the team of four, carried all the technical equipments, camping accessories, and rations on their own. The team successfully completed the Mayali Pass without any porter support.

  • On 26th February to 3rd March, a 4 year old Kid named Soujanya Kumar completed the entire Sandakphu trail on his own, with the support of Team himalayan Passion.

  • On last week of March Trek Leader Dr. Sourav Ray with Sourjya Banerjee completed the entire Goechala Trail in 60 hrs. which is generally completed in 8 days as per the general itinerary.

Snowy Mountain

Meet the Team

Know your High Altitude Suporting team, who will be your friend, or family when you will be out on a real adventure. Out of the cubicle, out of the corporate desk, here we are to provide you some best experience possible. We will be there to hold your hand whenever needed, we will be there to help you for river crossing, we will be there help you when it snows, or rains. 
Yes we are Himalayan Passion

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Dhrubojyoti Chatterjee

The Director & Founder

Civil Engineer, turned passionate traveler, Mountaineer and Trekker. The Director and Founder of "Himalayan Passion" has been leading treks for 7 years. Certified with Basic mountaineering Course. An avid traveler, and story teller, writer with knowledges of different regions of Himalayas & mythological stories. Holds a special interest in cultural diversities of different regions of the mountains. Keeps the team energy high, and always motivates the team members to their best.  Fluent in speaking English, Bengali, Nepali, Hindi, Garhwali. 

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Dr. Sourav Ray

Co Founder & Medical Officer

Professionally Doctor, turned passionate traveler, Mountaineer, trekker, cyclist and also a long distance runner. Co founder and Director of "Himalayan Passion" has been leading treks and Mountaineering Expeditions for 6 years. Certified with Basic Mountaineering Course. Achieved Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Elbrus, is a travel vlogger, videographer and holds special interest in long running, sky-running, cycling. Keeps the team spiring high, and motivates the team members to their best, highly skilled in navigation and trail marking. Fluent in Speaking English, Bengali, Hindi.

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