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We are here to help people understand the adventure, to make people understand the Himalayas, a large mysterious divine world


Trek in Sikkim Himalayas

Sikkim is one of those beautiful Himalayan states, where the adventure finds the equal footage along with its jewel mountains and terrains. Embedded like a precious jewel in the snow clad mountains, the state of Sikkim is an ideal destination for mountain lovers in quest of fascination, composure or adventure. A wonderland of adventure and discovery, Sikkim offers some of the finest trekking experience in the Eastern Himalayas. The state's vast unspoiled mountain range is a trekker's delight and its sanctuary, National parks passes through forest of Silver, Fir, Magnolia, Rhododendron and Primulas with rich wildlife and a view of Majestic KhanchenDzonga and its ranges in the background. Trekking in Sikkim provides views of great mountains, floral spectacle, rich fauna and pristine forest. To the adventure lovers trekking in Sikkim is an experience of many proportions. For sheer exhilaration nothing can match the view of the mountains, which seem to reach heaven. As you wander up lush green trails, you begin to amaze and wonder at the unspoilt natural splendour and spectacular terrain.


Phokteydara Singalia Trek

INR 13,000/-


Goechala Trek

INR 17,000/-


Bajredara Trek

INR 10,500/-


Dafeyvir La

INR 17,000/-


Dzongri Trek

INR 13,000/-

Treks in Darjeeling Himalayas

Darjeeling, "The Queen of the Hills", lying in the Lesser Himalayas at an elevation of 2,000 metres (6,560 ft). Darjeeling takes the traveler back to the History and nostalgic Era, having it's own wonderful glorious History. The Home of the world's best Soldier Community, The Gorkhas. Adventure and hiking in Darjeeling is more of romanticism with the amazing views of the beautifully decorated villages and the views of Kanchenjunga throughout. The adventurers paradise and mountaineers Oxford, The HIMALAYAN MOUNTAINEERING INSTITUTE is present in Darjeeling. It is noted for its tea industry, its scenic views of the world's third-highest mountain Kanchenjunga, and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a narrow-gauge mountain railway which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The villages of Darjeeling takes a special place in the hearts of the traveler which will forever beckon the nature lovers in their dream. The colours and the amazing hospitality will definitely make your trek worth an experience for lifetime.


Sandakphu Phalut


INR 11,500/-


Sandakphu Trek

INR 10,000/-


Dhotrey Tumling

Gurdum Trek

INR 6,000/-


Gurdum Tonglu & Chitrey Trek

INR 6,000/-


Senchal Circuit Trek

INR 4,000/-


Trekking in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand, Devbhoomi, The Land of eternity, the land of amusement, the land of feelings and emotion, is a trekkers paradise. One of the most beautiful state of India is divided into two parts, Kumaon and Garhwal. Kumaon is a beautiful part of Uttarakhand which has stunning colorful landscape with high peaks in background, and Garhwal is a land of mythology with extreme terrains and astonishing wide landscape of famous peaks of Uttarakhand.  The trekkers paradise has lots of unknown trails and exciting hidden stories of Hindu mythology in its every nook and corner. All the trails of Uttarkhand starts with an amazing mythological background, one could literally feel the mystery and witness it, when one steps on this beautiful paradise. Uttarakhand is home of famous Chaar Dhaam Yatra, namely Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri. A single paragraph is too short to describe Uttarkhand.

Some of the most toughest treks of the world lies in Uttarakhand, namely Kalindi Khal, Panpatia Col, Audens Col, Borasu Pass, Lamkhaga Pass, Bassisi West Col, Chaukhamba Col, Gangotri Col etc. Uttarkhand has one of the best mountaineering institute of the world, NIM(Nehru Institute of Mountaineering), which holds some pioneer mountaineers of India. The Devbhoomi being a trekkers paradise holds a special place in every International Mountaineers heart, for its technical peaks. Every year lots of mountaineering expedition takes place in the heart of Uttarakhand. 


Kuari Pass & Pangarchula Trek

INR 12000/-


Bali Pass Trek

INR 21,500/-


Brahmatal Trek

INR 9,500/-


Valley of Flowers & Hemkund Sahib

INR 9,500/-


Pindari Glacier Trek

INR 13,500/-


Kedarkantha Trek

INR 7,500/-


Har Ki Doon Trek

INR 13,750/-


Roopkund Trek

INR 14,500/-

2020-09-28 10.31.49.jpeg

Satopanth Tal

INR 15,500/-


Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

INR 18,500/-

Trekking in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh, the trekkers, travelers, mountain lovers paradise is surely a heaven on Earth with it's amazing charismatic colorful valleys. The stunning Hill stations like Shimla, Kullu, Manali and Lahaul Spiti, Kinnaur are always the bucket list of every traveler. Not only the amazing colorful ambiance but also the hospitality of the people of Himachal Pradesh always takes a special place in the hearts of every mountain lovers. Here lies a beautiful History of the mountains. Amazing Geographical varieties in terrains could be observed, lush green ambience in Kullu Manali, Shimla Chamba, Dalhousie, on one side and an extreme cold desert with extreme temperature on another side like Lahaul Spiti, Kinnaur, Sangla, Chitkul.

Trekking in Himachal provides an ambiance of trekking like western style mixed with the Indian way of feeling the mountains. Surely the Himachal Pradesh is one of the Sweetest part of the Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh also holds one of the famous Mountaineering Institute ABVIMAS(Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Adventure Sports)

Valley of Flowers_edited.jpg

Hampta Pass Trek & Chandratal

INR 11,500/-


Bhrigu Lake Trek

INR 6,500/-


Kalihani Pass & Barabhangal Trek

INR 16,500/-


Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

INR 9,500/-


Kasol Kherganga Trek

INR 4,500/-


Chandrakhani Malana Trek

INR 8,500/-


Buran Ghati Trek

INR 17,500/-


Parkuni Top Trek

INR 8,500/-


Pin Bhaba Pass

INR 16,500/-


Pin Parvati Pass

INR 32,500/-


Trekking in Kashmir & Ladakh

The GHT Kashmir and Ladakh route from Manali to Shrinagar can include a multitude of side trips through Zanskar and across all of Ladakh. Without a doubt, this region includes some of the very best alpine treks in the world. If you can, take your time and explore as much as possible.

The trekking season in North West India, which includes Kashmir and Ladakh, is traditionally from April to November. So it includes the monsoon months of July, August and September. Having said that, the impact of the monsoon varies considerably across the Great Himalaya Range. In Kashmir, the best dry months for trekking are May-June and October-November. However, due to the rain-shadow effect in Ladakh and Zanskar, the best months are July, August and September.

Temperatures can get very warm to hot by late morning (after 11am), so your route is best completed by early afternoon. This will give you enough time to wash off  dust and sweat and avoid the hot afternoon wind that blows through most valleys.

kgl 167.jpg

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

INR 15,000/-


Markha Valley Trek

INR 19,500/-


Rumutse to Tso Moriri Trek

INR 30,500/-


Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek

INR 13,500/-

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